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Daniel Academy strives to provide a safe, nurturing, challenging, supportive, and personalized learning environment which utilizes trauma-informed best practices to engage and empower all students to reach their full potential with strong problem solving and critical thinking skills, a passion for lifelong learning, a respect for self, others, and the environment, and an appreciation for individual differences.


The Daniel Academy team is committed to providing students with optimal learning opportunities so that each will reach their full academic and social potential. Toward this end we commit to:

  • Provide a small classroom setting which supports a variety of teaching and learning styles to meet the individual needs of students. Address individual academic needs utilizing student-driven curriculum based on CCSS, enhanced by digital resources, project-based learning, and utilizing a variety of modalities to teach and assess. Ensure CCS Standards, teaching, learning, and assessment are aligned and that staff uses pre-assessment data to make instructional decisions and drive daily lessons.
  • Explicit teaching of mindfulness, character education, and prosocial skills utilizing the Second Step curriculum. Provide restorative justice practice opportunities in an effort to remediate poor behavior choices and to promote self-regulation. Meet social and emotional needs with social skills training, class meetings, a trauma-informed approach, and collaboration with auxiliary on-site therapeutic services.
  • Foster an active collaboration among students, staff, families, and community partners as valued partners in the teaching and learning process to forge a love of learning.
  • Embrace our diversity and unique talents in a safe, challenging, respectful, and supportive atmosphere.
  • Holistically develop students through exposure to art, music, yoga, computer instruction, environmental studies, health instruction, and a variety of experiential learning activities.
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