What is the process?



Step OneTour and Application

Make an appointment for a tour with Principal Kerry Flanigan by calling (904) 296-1055 x 2389 or emailing her at kflanigan@danielkids.org. Please bring a completed application form click here or fill it out and submit it after the tour if you are interested in having your child attend the Daniel Academy. 


Step Two: Interview

Parent(s)/guardian(s) and student(s) must attend a meeting with the principal. Please bring a completed application form if you have not already done so along with Individualized Education Program (IEP) paperwork (if applicable). A shadow day may also be required before admission decisions are made.


Step Three: Decision Letter

Daniel Academy leadership will notify the family via email or phone of a student admission decision within 14 days. Daniel Academy leadership will mail a decision letter, accepting or declining student admission, to the address listed on the student application. If your child is accepted to the Daniel Academy, a notarized McKay Scholarship affidavit form (if applicable) will accompany the letter so that you can complete step four.


Step Four:  Withdrawal and Documentation Submission


After receiving an acceptance letter and the McKay Scholarship affidavit form, parents must officially withdraw the student from his/her previous school. Parents should also supply the following documentation to the Daniel Academy or submit a signed release of records so that Daniel personnel can help obtain these records from the student’s previous school:


  •     Complete Application Form
  •     Copy of Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  •     McKay Scholarship affidavit form
  •     Copy of Birth Certificate
  •     Copy of Social Security Card
  •     HRS 3040 Student Health Exam
  •     HRS 680 Florida Certificate of Immunization
  •     Copy of Health Insurance cards (if applicable)
  •     Copy of recent report card(s), and achievement test scores (if applicable)
  •     Registration fee of $50.00