Daniel Academy Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the goal/mission of Daniel Academy?

The mission of Daniel Academy is to enable all students to reach their highest levels of academic success in preparation for middle school and beyond through the provision of individualized instruction that addresses unique learning styles, cultivates independent thought, and promotes the building of character. 


Q: What is Daniel Academy’s academic approach/curriculum?

The Daniel Academy is committed to treating each child as an individual. We employ customized teaching practices that meet each student’s unique emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs while still adhering to Common Core Standards. Our compassionate staff of teachers and professionals work together to provide a learning environment that is safe, caring, creative and academically stimulating.

Q: What makes Daniel Academy different from other private schools?

Our school differs from the traditional school setting in several ways. A low staff-to-student ratio (1:12) ensures that each child receives individual attention to develop their unique skills and to alleviate deficits. Although our school follows Common Core Standards, we also infuse life skills, art, music and more into the curriculum, offering students a unique opportunity to develop creative skills and explore interests. Also, because many of our students have special needs, we provide all auxiliary services on-site, including individual and group therapy, behavioral services and psychiatric care.


Q: Do Daniel Academy students participate in enrichment activities?

Yes. At Daniel Academy, we believe there are many benefits to incorporating the arts in education. Our students regularly participate in enrichment activities including art, music, computer instruction and physical activity. We have seen these activities stimulate and develop our students’ imaginations and critical thinking skills as well as refine their cognitive and creative abilities.

For more information about the benefits of art education, visit Americans for the Arts website:



Q: What is the staff to student ratio?

The Daniel Academy prides itself on a staff-to-student ratio of 1:12, enabling teachers and assistants to give more one-on-one attention to students.


Q: How are classroom placements decided?

Children will be assessed upon admission and placed in classrooms that best meet their academic ability and developmental needs. 


Q: Will my child take the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) Tests?

No, private schools like the Daniel Academy are not required to administer FSA tests. However, all Daniel Academy students will participate in standardized testing each spring. Please note, all Individual Education Plan (IEP) accommodations will be applied during this testing and during general instruction throughout the school year.


Q: Whom should I contact if I have a question about my child’s progress?

Parents or guardians and teachers will be able to communicate through the student’s daily communication folder. In addition, report cards are issued quarterly. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the student’s teacher via e-mail. Teachers will respond in a timely manner outside of their instruction time.

Parents or guardians may also call the office and leave a message or write a note in the student’s folder. The teacher will return all messages within 24 hours. If you need additional support or information, you may contact Daniel Academy Principal Kerry Flanigan at (904) 296-1055 x 2389. 


Q: What is the tuition to send my child to Daniel Academy?

The annual base tuition is $10,000 per student. However, there are several scholarships available that can greatly reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket cost. (Please see below for more detailed information)


Q: Are there scholarships available to assist with the tuition?

Yes. Daniel Academy is approved to accept the McKay Scholarship and the Gardiner Scholarship. (formally named PLSA) 

About the McKay Scholarship Program:

Florida's school choice programs ensure that no child will be left behind by allowing parents to choose the best educational setting—public or private—for their child. The McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program, originally created in 1999, provides scholarships for eligible students with disabilities to attend a qualified public or private school of their choice. Click here for information  https://www.floridaschoolchoice.org/Information/McKay/faqs.asp

About Gardiner Scholarship. (formally named PLSA) 

The Gardiner Scholarship is a newly created program administered by state-approved nonprofit Scholarship Funding Organizations that is designed to provide the option for a parent to better meet the individual educational needs of his or her eligible child. Click here for more information


Q: Does Daniel Academy follow the Duval County calendar?

Daniel Academy does follow the Duval County School calendar with minor modifications. Please refer to the 2017/2018 school calendar for more information. Click here to view Calendar


Q: What are Daniel Academy school hours?

The academic school day is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Q: Do you offer before and after school care?

Yes, before-school care is from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and after-school care is from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 


Q: Is transportation to the Daniel Academy provided?

No. Transportation is not provided.


Q: Will my child be required to wear a uniform to school?

Daniel Academy students are required to wear uniforms as we’ve found uniform dress standards are a positive way to reduce discipline problems and increase school safety. However, we have made these standards easy to follow and inexpensive. Students are required to wear navy- or white-colored polo-type shirts paired with navy- or khaki-colored shorts, pants or skirts, which all can be found at most Wal-Mart or Target stores. (See Student Handbook for full details).


Q: Does my child need to bring lunch to school?

Daniel Academy students have lunch options. They may pack their own lunch or eat the hot lunch provided by the school daily.  

If you choose to have your child bring a lunch, we ask that you pack a nutritious, wellbalanced meal that will help students maintain their attentiveness throughout the school day. If you choose to have your child purchase a lunch, you can rest assured our lunches meet nutrition standards based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid.

If your child has any food allergies (especially life-threatening ones) or does not eat certain foods for religious reasons, please let us know in writing when you register so we can accommodate his/her needs.

The school lunch menu will be available on the school website after August 1, 2016.


Q:  Does the Daniel Academy offer breakfast?

No. We do not provide breakfast for any of our students, including those that are signed up for before-school care. Children should eat a healthy breakfast before arriving at school.

Q: How can I become involved?

Daniel Academy supports parental involvement and developing corporate/civic partnerships. Please see our Parent Information  page for classroom volunteer, field trip and community service opportunities.